10 Best Baby Gates and Security Barriers to Buy in 2021

Baby Gates and Security Barriers 

A baby is often the dream of a lifetime. You wish him the best, comfort, and security. On a daily basis, young children are exposed to the risk of falls and injuries both indoors and outdoors. Childcare specialists then invented some of the best Baby Gates or Safety barriers to prevent all these risks. Here below we have mentioned the best Baby Gates and Security barriers to buying in 2021 for your baby to prevent from falling down.

The main function of these baby security barriers is to prevent children from falling down the stairs or from the bed or from accessing dangerous rooms or places such as the fireplace and the swimming pool. Thus, it is important and necessary to use a stair barrier, a door barrier, or a bed or chimney barrier.

When the baby begins to roll over in the bed, a safety barrier must be used to prevent possible falls. Afterward, when he begins to crawl and to take his first steps, you must absolutely secure, either his living area or the dangerous places where he must not access, such as the stairs. To install a stair safety gate.

Top 10 Best Baby Safety Gates and Security Barriers to Buy in 2021

Looking for the best baby safety gates and doorways to prevent your baby from falling. There are different types of safety barriers on the market to buy in 2021. You can choose your safety barrier based on make, model, the material of construction, installation options, and use.

1. Meinkind extendable safety barrier for stairs

Do you want to secure the entrances and stairs of the house? Which security barrier to buy to do this? You can turn to this Meinkind lattice extendable barrier. It brings together all the qualities that parents can look for in a safety gate.

It is expandable and rolls up to fit on any door or staircase in the house to prevent your child from accessing it. So you can easily install this barrier to remove access to a specific room or location. At the same time, you can hide the view to stop your baby from wanting to cross the gate.

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2. IB Style Megane staircase safety gate

Your child begins to crawl or walk alone throughout the house. Are you wondering which safety barrier to choosing to prevent falls and slips on the stairs or in risky rooms? As an often overwhelmed parent, are you looking for equipment that is secure but also practical? Opt for this Ib-style brand product.

You can install it between two walls or the frame of a door without having to drill. Indeed, it has 4 pressure points to fix it to any support. In addition, you can adjust the height of the fence between 74 and 87 cm or even extend the width using the extensions included in the kit.

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3. Zehnhase Child Bed Safety Guard

This Zehnhase brand product is suitable for classic beds when your child grows up and can no longer stay in his crib. It is composed of 3 sides to form a rectangular barrier with the headboard. Each side is made of thick perimeters with a sheer canvas to keep an eye on your child. It each has a small outside pocket in which you can store its toys. You can install the product like a bed bumper, but with a greater height.

The rail passes smoothly under the mattress. This bed rail combines comfort and safety, without forgetting practicality. You can raise or lower the guardrail according to your needs to ensure the safety of your child in the bed. What’s more, the barrier net is made with healthy and ecological material. Baby can bite it without worry.

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4. Baby Vivo foldable safety gate for children’s play area

If you want to delimit the living area of your toddler instead of blocking access to the stairs or a room, in particular, opt for this Baby Vivo playpen. This is a kit made up of 14 panels in blue and beige that can be interlocked with each other with which you can form a nice playpen for your child.

The panels and the front door have vertical and horizontal holes to allow the baby to hold on to work on his motor skills and see the outside world around him. You can then install this barrier in the form of a park in your child’s bedroom, in the parental bedroom, or in the living room. In addition, the product has suction cups at its base allowing it to remain stable on any parquet or tile floor.

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5. Costway Security Guard or Chimney Fire Screen

If you like to build a small playpen for your child to ensure their safety instead of installing a barrier at all accesses, go for this Costway iron fireplace fence. This item is made of 8 strong panels to form a solid play area.

The child can see everything in the house thanks to the bars coated in black paint. The gate is equipped with a security lock inaccessible to your toddler. When you’re not using the playpen, you can fold it up and put it away quietly without taking up too much space.

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6. LCP Kids Multi-Function Folding Safety Gate

The Lcp Kids brand has developed a multifunction safety barrier to making life easier for parents. First, the kit is made up of 5 panels that you can use in different ways. For example, you can form a rectangular, round, square, triangular, etc. You just have to choose the number of sides you want to mount.

But it is also possible to hang it on the wall. So your wall serves as a side and you will complete the perimeter with 2, 3, 4, or 5 panels. Then, the product has a door that can open in both directions. Finally, you can install the barrier near a stove, it will not get hot.

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7. Safety 1st Wood Stair Security Gate

This Safety 1st brand safety device is very interesting if you are looking for an ecological product because it is made of wood. If you do not want to drill your walls or your dials to fix a barrier, opt for this model with a pressure system. Indeed, it has U-shaped cups to hang on the wall using a pressure system.

The material holds very well in place with its 4 pressure points. You can open it in either direction if you want. To do this, just push it or slam it. When your toddler is away from home, you can keep the device open for convenience.

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8. Chicco Bed Safety Guard

When your child goes from the crib to the classic bed, he must be protected from possible falls during his sleep. Before, he was protected by bars. Now you can protect it with this Chicco bed rail. Just slide the product frame under the mattress to hold it in place.

Note that this device is suitable for most beds. This equipment has a metal frame and is therefore sturdy and durable. The covering for its part is fabric, soft and pleasant for your child. The panel has a window to keep and provide a two-way view. You can keep an eye on your baby and he can look through.

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9. Baby Dan Multi-Function Child Safety Gate

Need to protect access to a wide or irregular opening? Opt for this XXL Flex barrier from the BabyDan brand. You can use it in different situations since the device is expandable. You can therefore shrink or lengthen it as you wish. You can use it to block an entrance door, a staircase, a hallway, or an entire room.

Indeed, this kit includes a door, two narrow sections, and two wide sections. In addition, this product does not fear the heat of stoves. You can get 90-350cm length depending on your needs. You can create linear, closed, or other shape barriers. Charcoal black in color, this product fits easily into your interior decoration.

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10. Geuther Easylock Stair Guard

In order to combine safety for children and practicality for parents, it is important to choose the right stair gate. Bet on the equipment offered by the Geuther brand. It is a swivel device that you can open and close with a single gesture thanks to its lock.

It can be suitable for stairs with a width of 67 to 107 cm. You can easily install this material on the right or left side of your staircase. However, it only rotates in one direction.

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How to choose a good security barrier?

Depending on the type of barrier, there is a recommended age. For example, the bed rail should be used for 2 or 3 months, when the baby starts to roll over because he is more likely to fall out of bed. Other door and stair gates should be installed when your child starts crawling around 7 or 8 months old.

Safety standards

Safety is a primary consideration when it comes to purchasing equipment of this type. So, buy only barriers regulated according to the NF EN 1930 standard to guarantee the safety of your child. This standard imposes many requirements on the manufacture of the protective barrier.

Different Types and Material of baby Security Barriers

When purchasing a safety barrier, the choice of material is a matter of taste and style. After all, your product is strong and secure as long as it meets applicable standards. Types of Baby Gates Barriers

The wooden security barrier:

Wood is a warm and noble material that fits just as well in a traditional house as a contemporary house. You can paint it or varnish it. If you have adopted an industrial style, you can leave the original material with its natural appearance. You have the choice between classic woods like pine and beech or exotic woods like acacia.

The metal safety barrier:

Metal brings an extra sense of security for parents because it seems more solid and resistant. In addition, you can easily adapt it to your interior decoration by choosing the right models. You can choose bars with various shapes and colors.

The Safety Net Fence:

Net may appear weaker than wood and metal, it’s true. It is advisable to monitor its wear from time to time. In any case, reserve this type of barrier for young children under 1-year-old and children who are calm enough at the risk of tearing it.

The roll-up safety barrier:

The roll-up barrier is often made of canvas. It is stronger than the net and is more practical. Indeed, you can open and close it like a shudder. This type of barrier is suitable for all standard openings.

How to use a security barrier?

The safety barrier can have two functions, which complement each other. First, it makes it possible to delimit the baby’s circulation space for better monitoring. Then, it allows to deny access to a place. You can then install it across openings in the house, especially doors, between two walls in the hallway or at the bottom and top of the stairs.

Measure the installation location carefully

In general, the barriers have a standard dimension that can be suitable for all doors. If necessary, you can use extensions to increase the width. Before purchasing, take the time to measure the opening, in particular, the distance to the ground in the frame. Between two walls, you must also measure the distance to the floor or between the plinths if there are any. Mark with a pencil the points to be drilled where you need to fix your safety barrier.

Secure your security barrier

You will find on the market two different fixing systems for your security barrier. On the one hand, there is a barrier with a screw system. In this case, it is necessary to hold the wall and drill the supports of the barrier to fix them with a screw. It is the strongest structure.

On the other side, there is the pressure barrier which does not require any drilling. The safety barrier without drilling has eyebolts with rubber on the opening and cups on the support to exert pressure between the wall and the barrier. When you no longer need it, you will find your wall in good condition.

Equip yourself with the right tools

To install a security gate in the house, you need a tape measure to measure the distance from openings or both sides of the stairs, a drill/driver, and fasteners. You need dowels for the concrete walls and wood screws to secure the barrier to a door. Add a steel T-piece between the gate and the wall or bracket (such as the door sash) to secure the assembly.


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