TOP 8 Best Pregnancy Pillows to Buy in 2021(Review)

The 8 best pregnancy pillows

As your pregnancy progresses, your tummy becomes more or less bulky that it is difficult to find the best position to sleep. Besides, there are many other negative effects such as back pain and heavy legs. To overcome these annoying little problems, you can use a pregnancy pillow. Also called breastfeeding pillow or maternity pillow, this childcare accessory can be used after childbirth by both mother and child. If you are pregnant and looking for the best Pregnancy Pillows here below we have mentioned the best pillows to use during pregnancy in 2021.

8 Best Pregnancy Pillows to Buy in 2021

1. Niimo gray white polka dot pregnancy pillow

Improve the quality of your sleep with the Nismo pregnancy pillow. Indeed, during pregnancy, doctors always advise having the best quality of sleep possible. However, the discomfort and minor ailments associated with this condition often prevent a total good night’s sleep. This pillow will then allow you to relax better by eliminating fatigue and back pain. It will help you sleep in the most comfortable and correct position.

Besides, it is also used to support you during your breastfeeding. Due to its shape, it will envelop the baby and at the same time support your arms, shoulders, and neck. You can then breastfeed with your hands-free and your back well maintained.

Finally, it is a very precious childcare accessory to accompany your toddler during his first years. In addition to ensuring the safety and comfort of the child, this cushion can also support them so that they learn to sit more upright. It is arguably the most comfortable cushion for your little one.

2. Queen Rose Pregnancy Cushion

Do you suffer from back pain caused by pregnancy? The Queen Rose pregnancy pillow may be a suitable solution. Helping to alleviate pain, this material offers undeniable support to lighten your back, stomach, and hips. It helps you promote more comfortable and good quality sleep.

If you are wondering how to choose a pregnancy pillow, this model can certainly answer your question. Adjustable, comfortable, ergonomic, and of high quality, it meets all the criteria for choosing a maternity pillow. You can easily adjust it to enjoy the comfort you need. And its design allows you to sit or sleep painlessly and without discomfort.

3. DilamaBaby pregnancy pillow

If you want to have a useful accessory for the long haul, choose a versatile pregnancy pillow. With the DilamaBaby pillow, you can get both a pregnancy pillow and a bed reducer. This model helps you get quality sleep at night by eliminating back pain.

It’s the perfect maternity pillow, but not just for pregnant women. Even after childbirth, you still use it to get rid of abdominal and back pain caused by the event. And when the baby arrives, it can help you breastfeed more easily and comfortably.

4. Ullenboom pregnancy pillow

The well-being and comfort of pregnant women are sacred. It is not for nothing that doctors advise a good quality of sleep and specific treatment. In this context, you are certainly wondering where to buy a pregnancy pillow? The Ullenboomest breastfeeding pillow is available to support you during pregnancy and feeding. It allows you to sleep comfortably on your side. And it’s the perfect accessory to support the baby during his first attempts to sit up.

This pregnancy pillow is an asset to offer comfort and optimal safety to your child, especially when breastfeeding. Its certified cotton cover is a guarantee to guarantee baby’s health. Without harmful and anti-allergy products, you can use them with ease and in all circumstances.

5. Salad House U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow


During the second trimester of pregnancy, women begin to experience pain in the back, neck, hips, and legs. It is therefore essential to find an effective maternity cushion. High quality and ergonomic, the Salad House pillow can perfectly embrace the whole body. It relieves pain due to pregnancy. It protects the joints, neck, back, legs, and stomach of pregnant women. And it is a completely versatile product, which can be used during and after pregnancy.

Besides, it is also an ideal cushion if you are looking to improve the quality of your sleep. Indeed, in addition to the various ailments, insomnia can also appear little by little. To remedy this, it is necessary to get the best pregnancy pillow. This product can then give you better and healthier sleep.

6. Red Castle Big floppy pregnancy pillow

If you are looking for a faithful companion on your adventure, the Big Floppy Pregnancy Pillow from Red Castle is your solution. Ensuring the ideal position for your back, stomach, and hips, you won’t be able to sleep without it. It allows regular or occasional use according to your expectations and needs. Either way, this pillow will help prevent swelling of the legs and back pain. Just place it behind your back and you can say goodbye to all the discomfort and pain on any surface.

7. Doomoo Basics Pregnancy Cushion

When you are about to buy, it is common to ask yourself the following question: which pregnancy pillow to choose? Indeed, the market offers a multitude of models, which could make the task more difficult. The principle is to find an accessory that meets all the needs of a pregnant woman. In this sense, the Doomoo Basics nursing pillow is a very revolutionary model, both for mom and baby. It allows your body to relax pleasantly and comfortably.

It also guarantees undeniable comfort during pregnancy and after childbirth. Besides, it is a very adaptable pillow due to its elastic fabric and its microbead padding. And its multi-function appearance allows you to use it as a relaxation and nursing pillow.

8. Ni Dream C-Shaped Velvet Pregnancy Cushion

The majority of pregnancy pillows are designed just for sleep. However, it is perfectly possible to obtain a more complete model. Know that you yourself can choose the multifunctional pregnancy pillow from I dream. This is an accessory that can provide a pleasant and gentle sleep to all pregnant women. It allows you to sleep comfortably on your side and in any desired position.

And its flexibility gives you full support, both during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Besides, its cover is specially designed to ensure the health of the mother and child. It is made with a breathable and hypoallergenic fabric. This further facilitates the maintenance of the pillow and its washing.

How to choose the right pregnancy pillow?

You can position it under different parts of the body.  Take into account a few criteria to make the right choice. Here below we have mentioned some aspects to consider before buying any pregnancy pillow.


The first criterion to consider is the filling which guarantees the comfort offered by the pregnancy pillow. Don’t buy one made of foam or kapok, materials used for traditional pillows and bolsters. They tend to sag over time. Instead, choose softer, more comfortable malleable materials like microfibers, cork, and cereals.

These easily take the shape of your body without deforming. Polystyrene microbeads are the most recommended because they are light and malleable at the same time. On the other hand, if you like organic materials, turn to cork or spelled cushions instead.


The design takes into account several points, such as the shape, size, and colors of the pregnancy pillow. Choose carefully the cover of your model which can be fleece, cotton, or terry. Appearance plays an important role in the design. What’s more, you are free to choose the color and pattern that suits you. Choose restful colors to promote relaxation.

In terms of form, a pregnancy pillow should look like a banana, slightly curved to position it in different ways. Regarding the size, always check the figures given by the manufacturer if they are just the dimensions in the center of the cushion or if they take into account the ends.

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