How to Have Twins: Increase the Chances of Having Twins

How to Have Twins

In humans, multiple pregnancies are rather rare. Twins are seen on ultrasound in about one in forty pregnancies in the first third of pregnancy. But since it often happens that one of the fetuses does not survive, only one in 80 twin pregnancies without prior hormonal treatment ends with the birth of twins. There are few tips which can increase the chances of having twins and what are they we will discuss them in detail.

Normally (in the absence of hormonal treatment), triplets occur once in every 7,000 pregnancies, quadruplets in 500,000. For many couples, if the urge to have a baby is very strong, the urge to know how to get pregnant with twins is much stronger. Even though twin births are sometimes pure fluke, experts say there are things women can do to increase their chances of achieving their twin pregnancy dream.

Many married pairs intend to give birth to twins. After all, a child’s birth is happiness, meaning double happiness is the birth of twins. You dream of a large family, you are reassured that teaching two children at once will be simple and that the children will find it more enjoyable. But the possibility that twin women are born and multiple pregnancies are much lower than a single baby is born.

10 Tips to Increase Chances of Having Twins

Have you ever asked yourself a question, how to get pregnant with twins? Here below we have mentioned 10 tips to increase your chances of having twins.

1. Vitamins

You need vitamins because you have fewer chances of having twins if you lack vitamins. So it’s easier to use folic acid supplements to improve your chances of getting pregnant with doubles, but normally any vitamin is fine. There are different vitamins available online but there is one thing to remember always take them after consulting with a child specialist and with a proper prescription.

2. Twins Already in the Family

Have you anyone in your family who has twins? If so, then this is good news, since it will raise the probability of getting doubles significantly. The key factor rising to 50 percent of the chances of getting twins is having twins in family history.

3. The Age of the Pregnant Woman

Women over 35 are typically less likely to become pregnant, but the good news is that late pregnancy is much more likely to become a twin. Research says that if you are pregnant at 45 your chances of having twins increase by over 17% and by 40 your chances increase by 7%. So it’s never too late for having twins.

4. Dairy Products Increase Your Chances

A research carried out by a specialist found that women who are eating and consuming milk products in their birth are five times more likely to have twins than women who are not eating dairy products. Some goods with a high chemical content are also recommended to be eaten. The combination of these two ingredients induces hyper ovulation, which increases your risk of twins. You eat yogurt, drink milk, or have twins eat a lot of cheese.

5. Wild Yam or Cassava Root

Researchers from Radboud University in the Netherlands and the Department of Sociology at the University of Oxford have found that Nigerians have the highest percentage of twin births in the world. But how? Here is the reason for that, Nigerian women consume wild yam or cassava root a lot during pregnancy. There is a chemical in yams and cassava root that stimulates the ovaries to produce more eggs during ovulation.

6. A large family?

Do you have a large family? Have you given birth several times? Because, among the factors that promote twin pregnancy, it is having given birth several times. So, if you have given birth several times, your chances of having twins are much higher.

7. Eat healthily

Women who have poor nutrition are much less likely to have twins. If you want twins, then you need to start a healthy diet today. You must eat properly and avoid unnecessary junk food.

8. Breastfeeding

A study shows that a woman, who breasts during her embryo, is more likely to have a twin baby. It may also be a good idea to continue breastfeeding during your pregnancy for as long as possible. During breastfeeding, the body of a woman lacks calcium, and this directly affects the egg during ovulation.

9. See a Doctor

A doctor can help you have twins. But some doctors will only help in case of medical necessity, such as: In case of secondary infertility, the doctors will promote a twin pregnancy. If you are older, in this case also the doctors will promote a twin pregnancy to reduce the risk of malformations.

10. In Vitro Fertilization

IVF procedures will increase the probability of having twins: The likelihood of IVF double pregnancy is 20-40% higher. This is a safe approach that is not risky, but it is a little costly. Ask your doctor about the location and protocols to be followed by “In Vitro Fertilization.”


The pregnancy of twins is the result of the woman’s release of two eggs, which are fertilized at the same time. Conversely, a pregnancy of identical twins is due to the division of a fertilized egg into two at a very early stage. This means that the two babies will have the same DNA, so they will be genetically identical.

Although the pregnancy of fraternal twins depends on many different factors such as hereditary conditions, having identical twins is a coincidence and can happen to any woman. Pregnancy with identical twins is much rarer than pregnancy with fraternal twins. Therefore, if your biggest dream is to double your dose of happiness, you have to rely on luck.

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